Making The Perfect Marriage Proposal [Infographic]

While us priests don’t really have any experience about proposing, we’ve heard lots of stories from couple who shared to us about their experience asking their wives about how they made their proposal to them. Contrary to popular opinion, priests love a good marriage proposal story. based on what we’ve heard, we found a marriage proposal infographic that illustrates just that!

Trust an Issue? Here Are Three Sure-Fire Ways To Help You That Nobody Told You About!


According to Bob Marley’s lyrics, everyone will hurt you, everyone will make you suffer, but you must always suffer for people you consider worth the time and effort. This is true for any kind of relationship. If you truly accept someone, it is important to also accept the fact that they could make mistakes later on in your relationship. A feeling of contempt will always be present if there is distrust in a relationship.

Here are three exercises that could help you two develop trust for each other.

  1. Let Him Or Her Plan This Time

Developing trust requires that both of you take the fall and entrust yourself to one another. If you’ve been doing all the planning and leading in your relationship because you feel that him or her is inadequate and incapable of planning, let them do the work.

Let them plan your next date night. Let them choose the adventure or activities for your next activity day. Let them design a room in your house that he or she would love to do. See what they can do for you. If he or she choose something that is inclined with yours, even just once, you could be sure that you could trust them effectively.

  1. Flaws

When you love someone, never show them your good side. It is important that they love you as much as you love them. It is also important to accept that when you love someone, they also have flaws. Accepting these flaws will be important for both of you. Let him or her see the true you. Never conceal anything about yourself. In the end, everything you suppress will come back and damage, or even completely destroy your relationship.

If he or she can accept that you’re not a good cook, you have the worst home-keeping skills or you’re just not the type of person to understand everything, that’s when you could feel comfortable.

  1. Don’t Judge

If he or she made a mistake in the past, never use an if-then-else judgment to help yourself avoid pain. People have the right to improve themselves from their mistakes. It is because people expect something perfect that they fail to realise that they must forgive to help people grow. And this is brutally true in most relationships.

Simmer down, allow him or her the chance to redeem themselves by showing to you what they would naturally do for you. If they missed a dinner because of a late after-work meeting, don’t judge them for it. They are trying their best as much as you are to preserve and cultivate your relationship.

Courtship in Today’s Generation [Video]

People are often asking about how young men today view women and how they view modern courtship today. Many women complain that the efforts of men are dwindling, simply because technology, whereas photos, messages and communications have made things easier. It had also made things more difficult for women to find genuine honesty and courtship among men.

So, young people today must learn from Jason Evert.